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A Grey Beauty: Corin Marissa Semi-Soft in 65F

Hello all!

I posted recently a brief overview of the Polish brand Corin and how it fits in general. As promised, I am coming back with a review of the Marissa semi-soft cut in 65F, which is the bra I left with from the store.

(If you have not read my overview of Corin, you can find it here.)

My bradrobe is somewhat modest at the moment. I have 2 bras that truly fit, 3 bras that fit more or less correctly, and one bra waiting for surgery so it can fit the way I want it to. Of these six bras, Marissa is my new favourite, for many, many reasons.

Appearance & Construction


I am not an immense fan of the colour and style of this bra, or of Corin bras in general. I find them a bit dull and cheap looking in terms of design, colours, fabric choices, etc. However, it does its job. It’s a bra.


The lace part actually takes quite a small part of the bra. In fact, if there was no lace, the coverage would almost be sufficient. So the most important supporting panels are actually the two bottom ones, the lace panel being there more for cosmetic appearance and shaping.


It doesn’t look too cheap at first glance, but it’s scratchy and shiny, which show that the thread and mesh quality are not top-notch. Even considering the original price of 226,90 zloty or roughly US$55, I find it a tad cheap-looking. The lace of Cleo Marcie, which retails at the same amount, is much softer and higher quality than this one. It’s a bit of a bummer considering the inflated price of CA$150 (including 15% local tax) (roughly US$115) I had to pay for it. Prima Donna is sold for about the same price and is also much better quality.


The one thing that I really love about this bra though is the centre gore charm, which is super dainty and chic looking. The gore itself is extremely narrow compared to the gores of most other bras I’ve tried on, but it’s quite high, making it still at the limit of what I can handle.


I am in love with the band material. It’s extremely soft and comfy, and while supportive, the band tension is not very heavy, which makes it a very good candidate for prolonged wear. The most I’ve gone with this bra is actually roughly 15 hours and it was still comfortable at that point – I can’t handle most bras for more than 5-6 hours at the time. Also, notice the very wide elastic bands that don’t dig in and the subtle Corin logo embossed into the hook closure. I’m not a fan of the colours and lace, but the material for the rest of the bra is A+.


It has three rows and three columns of hook and eyes, which also help spread the tension on a wider surface and make the bra more comfortable. At 30F, I may not need industrial level support, but I do appreciate 3-hook closures a lot and wish more brands would use them.


A lace similar to that of the cups is continuing on the straps. While initially bringing the bra to me, the fitter had a hard time lengthening the straps because they had been tightened all the way. So that part is actually useable, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you tend to adjust your straps a lot. All of the bras I tried, save for Virginia, had that same construction. Personally I prefer the aesthetic of plain straps instead of lace-covered ones.


The underwires channels are actually extremely thin, which is the reason why the gore is able to be so narrow. The cups themselves are actually two sewn fabric-covered padding panels and not just a full moulded cup with a fabric overlay.


No obvious construction issues are visible. Everything is neatly finished and assembled. The underwires are surprisingly narrow too, and the cups are quite deep, though not very generous in space near the wire. The material inside the cups is a sort of plushy soft fabric that feels good against the skin.


Surprisingly, Corin gets the size equivalences wrong. They don’t recognize the UK and US systems as separate from one another and don’t offer equivalences for the Australian system.

Corin is proud to be Polish. I still find myself wondering how the store girls missed that it’s actually a Polish brand. Their official address is in Poland, tags are in English, Polish and Russian, there’s a big “MADE IN POLAND” stamp on the inside tag, and it says “Poland / Polska / Польша” right under the website address. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ My local shop always translate the band size to UK/US sizes but leaves the cup size in the original sizing.


I’ve never been much of a fan of side boning in bras, however I’ve found that this one is soft enough in a band that is comfy enough that it doesn’t really bother me. I must admit that all the bras I ever got with side boning were back in my 34C/D period, 5 years or so ago. It’s also worth noting that there’s a mesh layer only in the parts of the band that go around the underwires (including the gore). Not quite sure what construction benefit it gives.


The mesh fabric of the lace is actually the same mesh overlay that goes over the cups, the cups themselves being plain grey, like the rest of the bra. It looks a bit cheap in my opinion.


The strap attachment is concealed with a tiny bow like the one on the gore.

My overall impression of the bra is that the main materials of the bra are of very nice and appreciable quality, and are very neatly assembled and finished. However, aesthetic details like lace, bows, mesh, etc. are lacking in quality, which in my opinion sets this bra as a bit sub-par compared to bras of the same size range.

Comfort & Fit


I must say that I had a bit of a wow moment when trying on this bra. The fit was unbelievably right and comfy. Yet another bra that feels like it was made for me. All of my breasts fit in the bra with no gaping visible, only slight wrinkling in the lace near the straps, which in my opinion is due to a minimal misalignment of the seams.


This is the first time in my whole life that I own a padded/lined bra that does not crease and collapse at the bottom of the cups. That’s a very amazing discovery for me! However, I have to put up with minimal wrinkling inside the cups near the underwire due to my flat root bottoms (that’s right – my roots are shaped more like baskets than like a nice U, which most underwires expect).


My favourite part of the fit of this bra is the extremely round and lifted shape it gives. It gives some oomph to my silhouette while still offering the modesty of a lined bra, which makes it a perfect bra for work, for going out, for casual wear, long story short, for anything.


The underwires are so nicely narrow! They are extremely comfortable and a bit flexy, similar in softness to those typical of Freya bras. They’re only 5″/12.8cm wide, for a depth of around 9.85″/25cm. It’s a bit shallow for me, but I think I can handle slightly less projection in cups that are made very narrow – the depth ratio is 1.95, which is very projected for this size. It is possible also that the fact that the deepest point of the bra is quite high set and that the overall cup is pretty tall makes it so I can tolerate slightly less depth in this bra than in others. However, for now I am simply happy that this bra works for me.


The band is a bit soft/stretchy for my liking. I am afraid that this bra will quickly become too big in the band since I can already fasten it on the tightest hooks, although the loosest ones are the comfiest for now. However for that amount of money, I will most likely get the band reduced once it’s too stretched out for comfortable wear. Even if it stretches roughly to 30.3″/77cm, the low band tension is what makes it a bit loose for me. It rides up a tiny bit on the photos for some reason, but it was level every time I’ve taken my shirt off after a day of wear so far.

Here are the rest of the measurements for this bra:

Overall I am most definitely looking forward to trying more bras by Corin, I’m expecting a call in the next few months from my local specialty lingerie boutique about the incoming batch of unlined bras they’re supposed to get. I’ve also seen a sneak peek of the upcoming Ava collection and I must say I’m pretty impressed and I definitely want to give them a try, as I much prefer the look of their bras to those of Corin.

What do you think of this brand? Have you tried any of their bras?

Thanks for reading, stay supported,



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