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Mini Brand Review: Corin

Hey everyone!

Ah, Corin. This brand has always been intriguing to me since one of their bras was brought to me for the first time in a changing room.

I’ve been told it was German. Then I’ve been told it was French. Then, after having a thorough look at the tags, turns out it’s actually Polish! That’s right! A Polish brand has mysteriously made its way into the wilderness of some Canadian specialty lingerie stores, probably thanks to some European retailers pushing it along other European brands.

I’ve tried a few of their bras in the past, but it was my first time trying their semi-soft (also called half-padded) cut. I also tried a spacer foam full cup bra. The bra I left with is the Marissa bra in the semi-soft version (there’s a completely unlined version and a push-up completely padded version). I’ll be trying in this post to give a general assessment of how Corin as a brand designs their bras from what I could try on, and will review the Marissa bra in a later post.

Cuts and Shape

So, why Corin? Why Polish? As much as I dislike making sweeping generalizations, let’s acknowledge that the industries in different countries have created their own trends throughout time. American bras are renowned for favouring the foam dome type of bra that runs mostly shallow and wide, and gives a very round, but not very lifted shape, favouring a “butt-crack” kind of cleavage. UK lingerie makers have been mostly favouring a wide array of shapes, but focusing mostly on a more natural and less round shape, though not pointy, with not much insistence on a specific cleavage type (or on cleavage overall). Polish brands though have been making very lifted, kind of round shape for years now, with mostly narrow and deep bras, of course with a few exceptions, and Polish women tend to prefer more of a “cakes on a plate” kind of cleavage. And turns out, as someone who is extremely projected and narrow, the Polish shape tends to be more appropriate for me than, say, Victoria’s Secret bras (if we forget that VS doesn’t carry my size). Here are the stock pictures of the different bras I tried in store:

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Corin uses product numbers to label their cuts and models, so it’s not too hard to know what you have in front of you. The last 3 digit are the series number. The first two indicate the cut type:

  • 10: unlined 3-part balcony
  • 11: unlined side-support balconette
  • 12: semi-soft full cup
  • 13: unlined vertical seam half-cup
  • 14: lined push-up bra
  • 15: lined convertible/strapless half-cup
  • 16: lined bra (partial band)
  • 17: lined bra (full band)
  • 20: lined nursing bra
  • 22: lined 3-part cup

Model numbers starting with a 0 are panties. As a general rule, series number (last 3 digits) starting with 8 are regular bras, the ones starting with 2 are swimwear, the ones starting with 9 are small bust lines (similar to the 3DM from Ewa Michalak), and those starting with 0 are nightwear, with a few exceptions and outliers. The most common models are the semi-soft ones (12), closely followed by the push-ups (14) and lined half-cups (15), and some unlined half-cups (13) and 3-part balconies (10).



Corin uses EU sizing with 2.5cm/1″ between cup increment and EU band sizes. However I have found that the sizing varies greatly between bras, so while some 65 bands were perfect (Virginia, Marissa), I could not even fasten the first one I tried (Lazuriteii I think, or a bra that looked a lot like this one). Some bras also ran big in the cups, a full size big, as it is the case with the one I left with (Marissa), which I took in 65F (UK 30E) while most of the bras I wear are the equivalent of 65G (UK 30F). Likewise, the 70 band of Yolanda fit about the same as the 65 of Marissa (slightly loose but not enough to warrant a size down). The Virginia fit perfectly in my technical EU size (65G), but I didn’t like the shape it gave me. That makes me a bit bummed to see that there is so little data about Corin on Bratabase, because it means I will not be able to order a bra online unless I have tried it on in store in most cases.

On the other hand, I can understand why we don’t see it a lot, because Corin doesn’t have that much of a generous size range. Most bras only go from 65 (30) to 90 (40), they never go above a I cup (UK G cup) (despite this size scale going up to J) and most often top off at H (UK FF cup). By comparison, Ewa Michalak has a FB line that goes up to UK M (in 40 UK band sizes) and 140 band size (UK 60, goes E-G in UK cup sizes), while their regular SM and BM cuts go from 30 to 44 and up to a UK K (in 32-34 band). However, I think this may be a good brand for the very narrow, very projected crowd that fits in the small to average band size and small to average cup size.


I just wanted to give also a quick assessment of the shapes the bras I tried were intended for.

All of the semi-soft bras fit very similarly in the correct cup size. They handled my projection and narrow roots exceptionally well, and they also handled my tall and full on top self extremely well. They also handled surprisingly well my inner fullness, though I would say they had a decent amount of space on the outside that could also make them work for even vertical fullness. The shape they gave me was very lifted and round. I would say however that they are best suited to very full breasts, that tells me I may actually be closer to a 3/5 than a 3/4 on this graph. Here you can see a comparison of how Marissa fits vs an unlined bra (don’t remember if it was Lulu Tout Lucille or Panache Olivia):

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I personally like the shape Marissa gives me very much. I think I like it so much that it’s starting to taint a bit how other bras fit me.

On the other hand, there was the Virginia spacer foam bra (the spacer foam was kind of rigid but it felt soft and comfy). That bra would give a very foam dome-y type of shape. It was not too shallow for me, it felt like my breasts got the depth they wanted, however the very tall cups of the bra were more spreading my tissue vertically instead of lifting it and projecting it forward like Marissa does. It had very tall cups and was kind of open on top. I feel kind of ashamed to post poor quality and blurry changing room photos, but you can find them here if you want to see them for reference. The extremely narrow gore felt comfy to me and it’s one of the first full cup bras to really fit me well, apart from Empreinte Cassiopée. The feel was actually very similar between those two, down to the more “minimized from the side” effect. The fit was very good, but I was not a fan of how it made me look. I would say that, like the semi-soft cuts, it fits best on people with a lot of fullness and works well for my full on top and tall self.

The fitter who helped me out from my local specialty lingerie shop told me that they are expecting soon to receive some unlined bras and suggested to put me on their notification list; I’ll be looking forward to posting an update to this post once I get to try them on! I must say that I’ve set my expectations kind of high since trying a vertical seamed half-cup that fit me very good, but that I would’ve preferred in a 30 band.

Do you have any experience with another one of their cuts? I’d be happy to know!

Thanks for reading through, I hope you found this interesting.

Stay supported,



3 thoughts on “Mini Brand Review: Corin

    1. I mainly got this by looking at all the models that had the same number and checking the description on the webshop ( That’s how I got that, for example, 11 is a side-support cut. I’m also looking forward to more formally trying on their unlined bras. I’ve already tried a vertical seam balconette not so long ago, but didn’t take pictures.


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