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Lulu Tout Lucille in 30FF, or How it Feels Like When a Bra REALLY Fits

Hey guys!

I still have not derogated from my wish to review bralettes and wireless bras, but my quest for the perfect wired bra is not over… yet?

The Lulu Tout Lucille Underwired bra (dd-h)* was a total wild guess on my part. I saw how people fit it on Bratabase and thought that, maybe, it wouldn’t fit too bad on me, since a lot of their fitting issues were typical of people who tried bras made for my shape, but didn’t have it. I picked 30FF because the Bratabase measurements suggested that a 30F would possibly be too small (too narrow and not deep enough).

Little did I know, it feels like someone made a 3D mould of my breasts and decided to craft a bra to fit them.

My shape is: very very narrow, quite projected, full on top, tall roots, splayed root shape, pendulous, centre-full, close-set.

There’s literally not an ounce of empty space, cutting in, or wrinkling on this bra for me. I’m tempted to say, it’s a miracle.

But first, let’s talk a little bit about the construction of this bra. It’s £24 retail price, but it was on sale for £7.20, bringing the price to about CA$20, shipping in. That’s the lowest price I’ve been able to get for a bra in my size, though I don’t have a hard time believing it may be possible to find cheaper bras on clearance sale.


Let’s face it: it’s a rather cute bra for that price, albeit a tad minimalist in design and materials. The bra is mostly constructed with double mesh layers, along with the lace overlay on the cups and the cute bows on the gore and straps.


The elastics are soft and firm, and there’s a bit of give in the straps. The buckles and rings are golden plated.


The mesh is not super tight-knit and the edges are a bit rough. The upper part of the cups is made of a single mesh layer, while the rest of the bra (including the pictured gore) are double-layered. I think it would have been better to choose a tighter knit mesh or double layer the whole bra, but, hey, it’s a £7.20 bra.


I am not much of a fan of that lace texture. It’s unnecessarily bulky and bumpy, and I’m not a fan of thick lace patterns. I may end up just snipping it off at some point.


Here you can see the difference between the single layer of the upper cup tier, while the two bottom ones are double-layered, but you’ll see later on that the second layer is rather useless, in reality.


Here you can see that the elastics have a really smooth texture, which makes them a bit slippery in my opinion, they don’t grip as much as the elastics on other bras. At least, the hook and eye closures are neatly finished and not scratchy.


The lace overlay is not attached on the cup, but it’s attached on the straps and along the underwires. The strap material is not the same above the bow and under it, with the part to which the lace is attached being scratchier and thinner than the rest of the strap.


The inside of the bra is really smooth and neatly finished, but again, the elastics along the band are too soft to provide a real grip. I think that may be why they made it run so tight (only stretching to 29″ even though it’s a 30 band).


The gore is a bit wide, it could be sewn shut at some point in the future though because of the fabric between the underwire channels.


There’s the Lulu Tout tag. Unlike a lot of brands, Lulu Tout doesn’t give international size equivalences, most likely because it’s a Figleaves house brand which is only sold on Figleaves’ website, as far as I know. Curious thing, it’s not labelled as a “Lulu Tout” bra anywhere but in the detailed description on the website’s page.


It has a very sleek and polished look in my opinion, and I’ve always had a sweet tooth for white mesh bras (and mesh bras in general) since getting more seriously involved into bra shopping (sadly, the Ewa Michalak mesh SM bras will probably never work for my shape).


First off, this bra is narrow. Like, extremely so. It’s only 4.9″/12.5cm wide, which is what you’d expect of a quite narrow 30E bra. Surprisingly though, it’s still not sitting on breast tissue, but a few millimetres narrower and it would’ve been too narrow for my left breast, which is slightly wider than the right. So it seems to me like, with Panache Olivia (to be reviewed later), I have narrowed down my most comfortable underwire width as being between 4.9″/12.5cm and 5.25″/13.3cm.


The gore on this bra is also surprisingly low, I would qualify it as a plunge for my size range, but unfortunately it is a tad wide and does irritate the insides of my breasts a little bit. The gore was also quite stabby when I got it, so I bent the underwires slightly to the outside with pliers, and now it doesn’t really bother me anymore.


This bra is a miracle for my fullness configuration. It definitely only works for full on top and full of centre breasts with tall roots, as the cups are quite open on top and don’t have a really big amount of room at the bottom. It’s the only bra that I own that doesn’t cut into my centre-full breasts, and after scooping & swooping properly, it’s filled all over with not an ounce of spilling out. The cups are quite deep too, 10.4″/26.5cm, which is about the norm for a deep 30FF cup. All of that makes for a rather extreme depth ratio of 2.1, while the average in 30F/FF is 1.7.


The band is quite small for a 30 band, but as I said, I think that’s to compensate for the too soft elastics, because even if it only stretches as much as my snug underbust measurement, it rides up a tiny bit. However, it feels too tight worn that way, so I wear it on the tightest set of eyes of a non-stretch extender for now, until it loosens up.

After some thinking, I think I can say that I have kinda low set breasts. Maybe not extremely so, but enough that the straps are still a little tight in these photos, even if there’s not much give left to lengthen them more than this.


As hinted higher up, the outer layer of the cups doesn’t do much at shaping and supporting, since it’s looser than the inner layer. I really think they should’ve just splurged on a higher quality and tighter mesh for the cups overall instead of making double layers.


In my opinion, this bra looks better without the lace, which is why I might just take it off at some point. It makes for a nicer, more minimalist design, and I like the visible nipples (but I prefer doing modesty for the internets).

The only true bummer for me is how hard the underwires are. I’ve mentioned in my Bratabase review that the Panache Olivia wires are soft like those of Freya, but these clearly aren’t. Though they are not as deadly as the Panache Envy wires, they do get a bit painful after a few hours, but I think this can be attributed to fibromyalgia and allodynia, not the wires themselves.

Here’s what the measurements are like:

Do you know of any bra with similar characteristics? How do you like the look of this bra? Tell me what you think in the comments below. ❤

Stay supported,


* Please note that I am in no way affiliated with, or sponsored by This bra was bought with my own hard-earned money and all the opinions are my own.


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