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Dreams and Underthings Review: Handmade Comfort & Support

Now, before I really get into this, I want to say that I wrongly measured myself and ordered a size that is too small: I got a 30E instead of a F, which is the size I now know to be mine after remeasuring and trying on bras in store. It is 100% my fault so I will try to focus on other aspects of fit to be fair with Laura, which really did an amazing work with this bralette.

Dreams and Underthings is a lingerie blog and also an Etsy shop, both maintained by expert fitter Laura Davenport. She makes every piece by hand in an amazingly wide range of sizes, with bands from 26 to 40 and cup sizes up to G-GG-H in some band sizes. Her bralettes are made from what seems to be thick and soft cotton jersey with a light stretch, straps are elasticized and the bralette is finished with a hook and eye closure of 2 rows and 3 columns (standard bra closure).


First, let me start off by saying that I absolutely adore this bra. I’ll definitely be reordering in 30F this time. The outside stitching is very nicely finished in general and seems pretty solid and the centre bow is extremely cute!


The ends of each strap is finished with a metal ring and the stitching appears quite neat from the outside; the hook and eye closures are also pretty solidly attached and I don’t have any doubt it will hold on securely. The zig-zag stitching helps keep a nice stretch to the cups and band.


The stitching is a bit less neat from the inside, but it’s still flat and soft enough to be very comfy, despite the fact that it has no lining. The straps also have plastic transparent sliders for adjusting.


The only complaint I have about the construction is the finishing of the hook and eye closure:


The sides of the closure are heat-sealed, which means the edge is plastic-like, and since it’s not stitched all the way, it stands out and itches a bit when I move, though that may also be due to my sensitivity as someone with fibromyalgia and someone without sensory issues could see no problems with it.

Now, here’s what it looks like when worn!


I mentioned it being a little small and it’s causing slight quadding towards the centre of the cup because my breasts have a lot of tissue towards the centre and are definitely close-set. My breasts also go a bit east-west in this, but nothing too shocking, and it remains extremely comfortable nonetheless. The band of this bra stretches to about 31 inches, maybe a little more, so it’s definitely softer than a true 30 band, however it still feels pretty supportive on my 29″ ribcage.


The straps are stretchy and I think it will take me a while to get used to how tight or not I should adjust them because I’ve never had a bra with stretchy straps before! But I don’t hate it. This is the reason why they appear a little tight on these photos. I decided to try putting it on with a strap holding clip and it improved a bit the fit of the cups and gave me (gasp) cleavage! (Straps are still too tight on these photos, oops!)


It corrected a lot of the east-west spread and improved the amount of space towards the centre of the cups. The cups still felt a tad small for my liking, but it’s a bit less obvious on the photos.

Overall I would say that the fit issues I experience are quite minor and this is a definite keeper, especially at the super low price tag! I feel that the price tag also makes up for the very very few construction flaws.

In summary, what I like about this bra:

  • How gentle yet supportive the band feels;
  • The midline band with ballet back, which gives me a relief from the tension where bra bands usually pass in my back;
  • The softness of the finishing inside the cups and the fabric in general;
  • The neat outside appearance;
  • The adjustable straps;
  • The hook and eye closure;
  • The amazing price tag (US$25-30).

What I would suggest to improve this product:

  • Offering the option to add powermesh to the band (I don’t think many people would mind paying a bit more for this), because I feel like some people might not like how stretchy and soft it runs;
  • Offering the option of non-stretchy straps;
  • Choosing a different model for the hook and eye closure or adding a layer of fabric over the finishing to reduce the itching.

Appearance: 10/10
Fit: 7/10
Quality: 8/10

Ideal for: even to outer horizontal fullness, any vertical fullness, projected to shallow, average to tall root height, average to narrow root width (cup width becomes narrower as size increases instead of wider, offering average to narrow fit at any cup size). I don’t recommend sizing up in the band for comfort as the band is pretty stretchy as is.

Stay supported and see you next time!



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