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Where I Am and Where I Want to Go

As of now, I have 3 workable bralettes that I wear one after the other, two of which will soon be due for retirement, but I wanted to quickly review them, because I have found them to be nice options for people with fibromyalgia, even when having an uncommon bust size.

My current uttermost favourite is a bra from Neonmoon, an independent UK brand that declares themselves as feminist (and I’m pretty much a feminist myself, so yay!). The feminist character of this brand is mainly in the marketing and publicity aspect, but I must admit that their items have a feminist vibe in themselves too. Neonmoon models are from varied backgrounds, sizes, genders (trans people!), ethnic origins and skin tones, and body types. The women are not touched up in the videos and photos, and the variety of sizes give a pretty nice idea of fit of the items. The only un-feminist aspect of Neonmoon is, in my opinion, the hefty sum necessary to acquire one of their sets. The bras vary between £68 and £110 each, or US$85 to US$138, while the knickers are £30 to £51 each, or US$38 to US$64, making the cheapest set £98, or US$123.

However, the very high quality of the bras somehow make up for the price tag, given that you can afford them in the first place. The elastics are extremely soft and stretch to fit your body in a matter of days, they will keep being relatively firm and not stretch out further than needed. The fabric of the cups follow the natural shape of your breasts, while also giving them a small amount of lift and giving light support to them.

Here I am sporting the classic Neonmoon look with hairy armpits and non-retouched photos. The knickers are laser-cut panties from the Canadian brand La Vie en Rose. Love the colourblock!

My true size is 30F and I don’t really know if this size (Gorgeous) could accommodate larger cup sizes, but it can for sure accommodate smaller. This model is the Tactac in the now discontinued red colour. People up to GG have attested they’ve found a good fit in bigger sizes. It is also possible to contact the owner to have a band taken in for better fit, but overall the very stretchy and soft fabric allows for a big range of sizes with pretty decent band support. People with chronic illness might want to contact the owner about getting a bigger band in the size of their choice, given that the elastics run pretty firm at first for our sensitive ribcage; I’ve needed a couple of months to break in this one, while the first one I got from them was a bit looser to begin with. It was the first colour they made, a nice chartreuse yellow.

This is the first colour they made the Tactac bra in, a nice chartreuse yellow that fits perfectly with my panties!

Even though I can’t say this is the best option ever for people with chronic illness because of the price tag, they are a very nice option for lounging bras for people who have more money to spend on bras. I acquired those bras because they were the first ones I found to be gentle enough for fibromyalgia and also that were able to accommodate my size (back then 30DD/E), because all the Genie/Aaah kind of bras started at 34 in the band, which there was no way it would give me enough support to reduce my pain.

Both bras are made with metal sliders to lengthen/shorten the straps, which make adjustment easier.

At some point, though, I found on Zodee, an Australian online shop, a maternity bra that was made for people with small band sizes and big cup sizes. The S-M size is made for band sizes 30 to 36, M-L is for 36 to 40, and Zodee states that they were able to fit women up to a K cup in Australian and US sizes, which is about a UK HH cup. Since it was quite cheap, I got it in spite of the high shipping fee, and I was not disappointed.

Here, I am sporting the Superbra by Fertile Mind in size S-M, which is actually quite a snug fit on my 29″ ribcage, and leads me to think it could even fit people who take 28 band sizes.

The bra model is Superbra and it is made by a brand called Fertile Mind, which doesn’t appear to have an actual website. The bra is made from similar materials as the Genie/Aaah bras, but it feels quite a lot higher quality and accommodates quite a bigger range of cup sizes than these bras. However, the band runs so snug that I doubt it would actually be comfortable up to a 36 band size, and it took quite a lot of efforts for me to break it in. I was also unable to wear it until I washed it a couple of times in the washing machine, which leads me to believe that the elastics will break down quite easily in the machine; hand-wash is more appropriate for this bra.

Right now, I love these bras. But my Neonmoon bras will soon be due for retiring, especially the older yellow one, and I want to find options that give better support and are a bit cheaper, ideally, so I can get more bras and wear them out more slowly.

I am currently waiting on a bra from Dreams and Underthings that I’m pretty thrilled about, and I just got myself a bra with underwires for special occasions, the new Freya Popart Plunge Balcony with the matching short, which I will review soon! I also plan to look into some Polish bra brands, namely Comexim and possibly Ewa Michalak, which both have narrow and projected cup shapes, more suitable for me than most other brands.

In the meantime, stay supported!



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